Rocket 88 – The Ergonomic Electrical Hand Whisk

The Problem

The common way to hold an electric hand whisk, straight handle forcing you to bend your wrist. Not ergonomic, clumsy and, in the long run, damaging to your wrists.

To amend this I designed a new whisk with an angled handle, much like the one on saws, giving the user a much more comfortable working position. Saving the avid cup cake bakers wrists from early on set "whiskwristia painia".

The Result

Design: Henrik Norberg

Description: The design was inspired by trains from the -20th art deco era and the early Chevrolet Corvette with it's iconic side indentations.

In the front there is a leaver for speed adjustment, under the power cord there's a metal U acting as stand and protection for the cord. On the handle there's grip pads for a safer and more comfortable grip. The indentations on the sides not only look good, but work as ventilation for the electrical motor.

Tags: Product design, product development, retro design, ergonomics, design process, inspiration, baking

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