MP3 conversion of vintage car radios

The Problem

When you are riding one of these beauties it's always nice to listen to some music from the appropriate era, if you can hear anything else than the engine..

And often is the original stereo broken and replaced with some thing like this. Some times "hidden" in the glove box but sometimes smack bang in the dashboard. Such an eye soar.

The Solution

Description: The idea for the conversion was born when riding around in a friends -40th Oldsmobile whom had just this problem. So after that I figured out how the old radio could be used to control an MP3 module that easily could be hidden away.

From some parts I had laying around the first proof of concept was constructed and tested successfully and it was then merged with the radio in the Oldsmobile. The radios preselect channel buttons was used as a remote to control the MP3-module that was discreetly hidden away in the glove box. No more fiddling with Cd's or ugly CD-players ruining the looks of the old beauty.

For second prototype a new MP3-board was used so the size of the module could be reduced to about the dimension of two match boxes and a more versatile ribbon cable was used between the radio and module.

A video of the first prototype installed and running can be found to the right. (Sorry for the poor quality..)

Tags: Product development, retro design, proof of concept, prototype, car, radio

Sorry for the poor video quality!

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