Coffee Cozy – Anti-coffeeburned hands thing

The Problem

If you are like me, you LOVE coffee. That black gold that brightens the day and makes you tolerate the presence of other people.

But when you get a take away your loved one bites back and scolds your hands like burning lava. Sometimes you get a flimsy cardboard sleave or you wrap the cup in napkins to protect your paws. This kind of works but often they get wet or still burn your hands, but foremost this isn't good for the environment.

The Process

To solve this problem I designed a coffee cozy in leather that could be used over and over again. The first edition was hand cut but for the second I got my hands on a laser cuter. With the use of an Illustrator file and some tweaking I managed to cut and etch my logo in to the cozy and could later stitch it up.

The Result

Description:  A leather coffee cozy that can be used with takeaway cups and other mugs without an ear. This cup cozy will last to the end of time, looks nice and great for exposing your brand in a classy way.

Tags: Coffee cozy, leather, laser cut, branding, product design, hand made

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